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Formosa Betrayed

"Formosa Betrayed" is a movie by Will Tiao and directed by Adam Kane based on actual events surrounding Taiwan's 228 Massacre. It brings tears to the eyes of all who view how the elder generation of Taiwanese who suffered through the brutality of a government with questionable legitimacy as the factual events being told in "Formosa Betrayed" have been carefully orchestrated almost out of existence; omitted from history books. This is a quiet genocide that the world is unaware of as it was so meticulously buried that even most of the younger generation Taiwanese living in Taiwan do not know the events or significance of the date 228. In today's modern time and age, the Obama administration talks about oppression and the struggle for democracy in Syria, Libya, and Egypt, but for almost half a century, the US government left the people of Taiwan at the doorstep of wolves under the brutal Martial Law instituted by the Kuo Min Tang (KMT) lasting from 1949-1987. After watching "Formosa Betrayed," the viewer will get a better sense of the facade and atrocities committed by the KMT and dictator Chiang Kai Shek. This movie is a must see for all Taiwanese and anyone who is interested in Asian history and World War II.

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