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Do You Know The True Picture Of Taiwan?

Beneath the picturesque views of Taiwan lies a deep dark secret of betrayal. What may seem like facts may actually be fiction, and what is fiction may actually be the truth. This May, we will feature movies that gives a representation of what Taiwan is like and the betrayal of its people gives rise to confusion not only for the world, but Taiwan itself.

Formosa Betrayed >


Look Behind The Curtain And Learn More About Taiwan

  • This May will be our first annual Taiwan Film Month! We'll be featuring movies that will give you the real perspective on Taiwan's history and culture.

Take Action In Support Of Free Will, Human Rights And Democratic Taiwan

  • We're making May, Taiwan film Month! If you know a movie about Taiwan, please let us know so we can feature it here and on Facebook.
  • Beyond Social - Social is only the first step. Another way to support free will, human rights and Taiwan is with your pocketbook.

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